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“Scientific Nonsense” Says Russia; British Security Forces Accuse Of Stealing Covid Vaccine Recipe

In the latest update, Russia has denied all claims of their spies stealing the blueprint for the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine and used it to create Sputnik V Jab. The Head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RIDF, Russia Sovereign Wealth Fund) said that it was “scientific nonsense”.

British Security Services Accuse Russian Spies Of Stealing UK’s Covid Vaccine Data

This week, the Sun released a report saying that the British security services have alleged that the Russia spies stole and hacked the UK’s Covid 19 vaccine data. Many other reports alleged that the British Security Services informed the British ministers that they have solid proof against Russia.

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The security teams are sure that the spies took the Covid 19 vaccine data as it was understood that it was stolen by a foreign agent in person.

Russia Calls Allegations “Scientific Nonsense”

However, RDIF has refuted the claims and said that its all “fake” and “blatant lie”. Kirill Demitriev informed the CNBC on Wednesday that there is no merit to the allegation and they are very clear about it.

He added that the reports (that suggest Russian spies stealing Covid 19 vaccine data) are “complete scientific nonsense”.

It is said that the Russia’s Sputnik vaccine uses the technology that is similar to AstraZeneca-Oxford designed vaccine. Last year, some of the spies blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin and said that they were more than 95 percent sure that the Russian-sponsored hackers had targeted the British, American and Canadian department to develop their own Covid 19 vaccination.

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Refuting the allegations, Dmrtriev called the report “nonsense from anonymous sources”. He said that the accusations are a part of a campaign against the Sputnik V vaccine because some politicians are against Russia and some of its big pharma companies. They are afraid of the vaccine’s success and have been attacking the vaccine and its booster dose since day 1.