Friday, September 25, 2020
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Season bid adieu, as incessant rain bring the city to a standstill

In an apparent last-ditch attempt before closing the account this season, the incessant rain has lashed the city for almost two hours bringing the normal life completely onto its knees. The flurry goes on to continue for at least two hours daring the people and the traffic on the roads against moving a single inch from their position.

This all starts from 6.30 pm and ends up at 8.20 pm only after submerging the city especially old city into rain stormwater. Major thoroughfares and junctions especially in Toli Chowki, Bahadurpura, Tadban, Attapur, Hyderabad, Shahali Banda, Madina Circle, Puranapul, Jumeraat Bazar Road, Pardiwada, and Begum Bazar, besides all the roads and colonies in low lying areas, were turned into a cesspool in a span of few minutes.

Vehicles especially cars stranded on the roads due to traffic congestion was seen submerged into gushed water up to the windscreen while passengers and bystanders were spotted taking shelter in nearby shops, pavements, shades, and under bridges.

The worst ever seen of water clogging and the traffic jam was witnessed at PVNR Expressway stretch from Attapur to Hyderguda which yet again was turned into a stream with vehicles of all sort were seen motionless and inundated into stormwater. Here, passengers were seen stranded into the water for all most three hours while no rescue operation was set till the time of reporting. Vehicles all the way under the stretch were seen floating on the gushed water like paper boats.

It is pertinent to mention here that a Box Drain project of Rs.22 crore is pending for several years to address this perennial issue at Hyderguda, but the matter languished into a legal battle. The cherry on the top is that the former commissioner GHMC Somesh Kumar used to live just a stone through away from the stretch and the ill-fated project has been sanction during his own tenure as civic body chef.

The ordeal of colonies in low lying areas wasn’t different from the one at roads and thoroughfares as the inflow from upward directions stormed into houses and charged up to knees while residents were seen flushing the water out from their premises keep holding of their breath.