Monday, June 14, 2021
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‘Shower of blessing’ brings respite to people from heat wave

Hours before the onset of ‘Night of Destiny’ also known as ‘Laylatul Qadr – a particular night ordained in the last ten nights of Ramadan as per the Islamic belief, the rain with thunderstorm lashed the Hyderabad city today.

This ‘shower of blessing’ brings much respite to its inhabitants especially those who were wallowing under scorching heat while enduring the fast in the ongoing month of Ramadan.

Starting around 4.15 pm today, the heavy rain along with thunder storm has lasted for an hour impacting the general life every inch on the ground. While the two wheelers dashed off the roads for atleast an hour, the four wheelers and the autos were seen moving on the roads unaffected.

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Most of the impact of the rain was witnessed in the southern part of the city mainly known as the old city while people especially the Muslims were seen busy in getting themselves ready for Asar prayers.

Initially it was assumed that the rain may last for a few minutes but it goes on for an hour soaking every inch of the southern part of the city. People, especially the Muslims observing fast have seen thanking the almighty for the impromptu relief they got from the scorching heat during the month of Ramadan.

The fruit vendors at Nayapul Bridge and at Charminar were quite muddled for a few minutes as out of the blue showers hit the city at a peak performing time. However, the sudden showers leave no much impact over there business that goes on usually after an hour.

Interestingly the rain caused no inundation chaos in most of the places this time as main choking points were largely seen cleared from water clogging due to quick rain. The busiest and much troublesome Bahadurpura stretch was seen quite cleared from inundation as traffic on both the sides of under constructed flyover bridge was seen passing on without much difficulty.

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However, there were few roads with perennial water clogging issues again added woes to the passengers on the road even today.

The passengers on busy Atapur stretch under PVNR expressway especially at Pillar No.189 again put to trouble as the perennial issue of water clogging blocked the road almost for a kilometer leaving no room for the motorist on one side to cross the deluge while the passenger creeping on the other side. Unfortunately, the controversial Box Drain project – that was approved two years ago, is remained under doll drum only to increase people’s suffering in silence.