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Telangana Government Declares June 17th as Official Holiday for Bakrid

In a bid to alleviate confusion surrounding the date of Bakrid this year, the Telangana government has taken decisive action by officially declaring June 17th june 2024  Monday as the public holiday. Initially, uncertainty loomed over whether the holiday would fall on the 17th or the 18th, leading to speculation and debate among the public.

To put an end to this uncertainty, the government has definitively chosen June 17th as the designated holiday for Bakrid. This decision comes as a relief to many, providing clarity and ensuring that citizens can plan their celebrations and activities accordingly.

The timing of the holiday on June 17th holds additional significance as it coincides with a Monday. This means that schools and colleges will enjoy a two-day break, allowing students and staff to observe the festival and spend time with family and loved ones. Furthermore, banks will experience a three-day closure, as the holiday coincides with the second Saturday of the month.

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In addition to addressing the Bakrid holiday, the Telangana government has also announced another significant holiday on June 25th in observance of Eid-e-Ghadir. This decision underscores the government’s commitment to accommodating diverse religious observances and ensuring that all communities have the opportunity to celebrate their festivals with reverence and joy.

Overall, the government’s proactive approach in resolving the confusion surrounding Bakrid and providing clarity on holiday dates reflects its commitment to fostering inclusivity and harmony among the diverse populace of Telangana.

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