Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Telangana spends Rs 35000 cr for farming : Harish Rao

Hyderabad: Finance Minister T Harish Rao today said that the state government is spending a staggering Rs 35000 cr for farming activities in Telangana.

He participated in some development programs in the Sanga Reddy district and Patancheruvu areas on the city outskirts here. The finance minister promised to construct a corporate level hospital in the area for the cause of the people soon.

Harish Rao laid the foundation stone for Gandhi Theme Park in the vicinity to be built at a cost of Rs 1.6 cr with modern facilities. Harish Rao has instructed the officials to provide the lush green area with all facilities for the people.

 Speaking on the occasion he said that the park should be designed and constructed beautifully the minister said. The political parties promise the moon to the people and swiftly ignore them after the polls he ridiculed. However, the Chief Minister of Telangana has completed projects of irrigation to ensure water for two crops a year he said. The minister clarified that even if there is no rain the projects with abundant water will get water for two crops.

Harish Rao attributed the completion of the project to the vision of the chief minister to provide rythu Bandhu, rythu Bhima, 24 hours power to farming, and others.

The minister accused the previous congress and TD governments of neglecting the farm sector. The Past regimes in the combined Andhra Pradesh state have ignored the plight of the farmers who are still facing problems.

The minister said that chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao aims to provide all help to the farmers to get benefits. Even after 75 years of Independence, the farmers across the country are facing problems he deplored. Thus he said that the farmers are opposing the three farm laws and seeking their withdrawal from the Centre.

The minister further explained that despite the corona problem hitting hard the finance and development we have not stopped the welfare programs.