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Ten Arrested in Illegal Possession Case of Government Land Worth Rs 500 Crore

In a significant development, ten individuals, including three outsourced employees of the Dharani portal, were apprehended in connection with an alleged illegal possession case involving a five-acre government land in Manikonda. The land, valued at over Rs 500 crore, was not specifically allocated to any government department but was unequivocally declared as state property.

According to sources, the adjacent 62 acres of government land in survey No 4 were assigned to Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (now Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority) and the Housing Board in 1986. However, the five-acre parcel in question remained unassigned.

Krishna and Prahalad, two brothers, attempted to unlawfully claim this land and sought legal assistance from an advocate in Moosapet. During this process, they collaborated with realtor Ravinder Yadav, who promised to facilitate a 50-50 share on the land.

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Subsequently, Ravinder Yadav engaged Bhim Rao, a stringer/reporter, who connected them with three outsourced employees of the Dharani section of the revenue department. These employees, reportedly lower-level staff at the Rangareddy Collectorate office, colluded with the private individuals and submitted documents to the collector seeking approval for pattadar passbooks.

Amidst the hectic election schedule, the collector approved the documents, resulting in the issuance of two pattadar e-passbooks to the duo in October and November. However, investigations revealed that the individuals attempted to gain legal ownership of the prohibited land despite lacking valid documents.

The matter came to light after the local mandal revenue officer (NRO) observed discrepancies in the issuance of pattadar e-passbooks for the land. Subsequently, the MRO of Gandipet filed a complaint at the Raidurgam police station, leading to the case being transferred to the economic offenses wing of the Cyberabad commissionerate.

This development underscores the vigilance required in safeguarding government assets and the necessity for stringent enforcement of land laws to prevent unauthorized possession and transactions.

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