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Turkish President Vows to Take ‘Legal Action’ Against ‘Charlie Hebdo’ for ‘Disgusting’ Cartoon

Ankara: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday communicated his anger at a “disgusting” cartoon in the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.

The cartoon portrays Turkey’s leader lifting the dress of a veiled woman.

State media states that the Turkish prosecutors have started an official investigation concerning the satirical magazine, the BBC announced.

The cartoon appears in the midst of increased tensions among Turkey and France over French President Emmanuel Macron’s firm stand against Islam.

Tensions between France and Turkey have increased after President Emmanuel Macron vowed a tougher stance against Islam.

Erdogan has driven the charge against France and has even questioned Macron’s mental soundness. He asserted that Macron needs his head inspected and had lost his way. He likewise called Turks to ban French products.

Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun stated: “Charlie Hebdo just has issued a series of so-called cartoons full of despicable pictures purportedly of our President. We condemn this most disgusting attempt by this publication to spread its cultural racism and hatred.”

Vice President Fuat Oktay approached the international community to speak loudly against “this disgrace”.

He took to Twitter and said: “You cannot fool anyone by hiding behind freedom of thought.”

As a firm response, Misvak, the Turkish-based pro-government satirical magazine posted various cartoons censuring Charlie Hebdo and Macron on its Twitter page.

On Wednesday, the Turkish president stated he had not personally seen the Charlie Hebdo cartoons since he would not like to offer credit to such immoral publications.

“I don’t have to say anything to those scoundrels who insult my beloved prophet on such a scale. I am sad and frustrated not due to this disgusting attack on me personally, but due to the impertinence taking aim at our prophet we love more than ourselves,” Erdogan stated in a speech to his party’s officials.

In 2015, Russia actively censured the Charlie Hebdo magazine for two cartoons portraying the Sinai air crash in which 224 individuals, most of whom were Russians, died.

In 2016, a cartoon portraying Italian earthquake casualties as pasta dishes by the magazine, Charlie Hebdo, caused widespread anger.




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