Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Unfazed with the lay off software engineer selling vegetables

Hyderabad: Many employees are in a state of distress and disappointment due to the fire policy of their companies. Lay off looms every sector many thanks to the post lockdown situation, the condition is grim, however a software engineer who faced the termination, not subside at all and showed the really good path of hard work.

The story of this girl is very aspiring for all of us. Unfazed with the situation, without going pillar to post for the new job for her survival, she started selling vegetables for the bread and butter for her family.

The girl who has identified as Sharda of Hyderabad has setup a hand cart nearby road to sell the green groceries.

Sharda maintained that she was hired by a software company in a capacity of performance quality insurance pre lockdown period and inducted her in a project after completing the training, however, the authorities of the company has fired her.

Notwithstanding the situation, she showed the power to stand her on her legs again with new zeal. On a question about the feel of selling the vegetables after completion of the engineering and becoming the software engineer, she reveals “ I’m not having any regression at all.

It is to help my parents and I should be supportive to my parents. I have already told my parents that this is my survival, without this we will not grow up”. Giving the answers to a volley of questions she shares “Some times losing a job is regretting otherwise it is good.

I can also do this. I don’t feel any regression and shy. My school teachers, classmates, principal, B.Tech teachers have also bought the vegetables from me. They feel fine and doing the good thing and they always inspire me much.

Some of my school mates asked me about losing the job but I told them clearly that the situation is bad. I have also worked in Delhi for about two and a half years in the capacity of a performance analyst. Later after the two-year break, I joined a company in Hyderabad but the lockdown situation has arisen.”

Giving suggestions to the youth who are in distress on losing the job she says “ There should be no feeling on their part, you have your hands and you have your legs, god is given everything, there is no need of lavishing life, you can sell vegetables, flowers, you can sell anything, you have many sources in your life just find it positively.

Why you are committing suicide and other things, don’t get negative thoughts in your brain. Until and unless you stop thinking the negative way you don’t get positive thoughts. Life in all the ways either poor way, middle-class way, the high-class way. Don’t feel shy because time is bad. You do hard work, that’s it, It will be enough for you”.