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Union Minister demand change of Muzaffanagar’s name claiming it reminiscent of the Mughals

Leave alone exploiting festivals like Ram Nawami and Hanuman Jayanti, it appears that the ministers of ruling BJP government are not even sparing the general public programs like agricultural and cattle melas from spreading hatred against the Muslims and the Mughal rulers thereby causing immense damage to the already volatile communal situation in the country.

The fresh incident was reported from Muzaffar Nagar where the Union Minister for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Giri Raj Singh rakes-up a controversy by suggesting the people to change the name of Muzaffarnagar district simply because it was reminiscent of the Mughals.

While addressing a Cattle and Agricultural Mela at Nivesh Ground in Muzaffarnagar on Friday, the BJP minister said, “He did not even want to utter the name of the area. The land is an asset of the farmers’ community and it is not appropriate to take the name (Muzaffarnagar) here.”

While seizing the opportunity to suggest the people to change the name of the area, he said, “Even after 75 years of independence from the British Rule, the Mughal era remains are still in prevalence.”

The minister sought to know the name of the area from the public to which the gathering replied “Muzaffarnagar.” Hearing this, the Rural Development Minister obnoxiously said, “I don’t even feel it appropriate to utter this name. Not even ready to take the name of the city he is presently staying in.” He simply said that people need to change the name of this city. Apart from this, the Union Minister even call-upon the gathering to chant “Jai Shri Ram”to which the people reciprocated.

Only a few days ago the Union minister created a sensation by saying that the attacks on Hindus will not be tolerated. He was pointing towards the communal clashes in West Bengal and Bihar.

Blaming Nitish Kumar and Mamata Banerjee for the riots in Bihar and Bengal, he said “Nitish Kumar turned Bihar into Pakistan and Bangladesh while Mamata wants to make another Kashmir in West Bengal.”

During an interview to a news channel, Giriraj reportedly accused Nitish Kumar of resorting to attacks of Hindus to gain Muslim votes in the state. “The measures of the Nitish Government like declaring holidays during Ramzan and closure of schools on every Friday are aimed at securing Muslim votes in Bihar. You may do whatever you want but attacks on Hindus will not be tolerated,” he said.