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UP police to shield Ram temple area with modern security apparatus

Ahead of the formal opening of Ram temple for the devotees at Ayodhya in January 2034, the Uttar Pradesh police released a security blueprint with a provision of modern security apparatus worth Rs.77 crore to monitor the whole temple area.

According to a report published in Jagran Hindi daily, the DGP along with other senior officials visited the Ram Mandir site and took stock of the security measures. On this occasion, the DGP Rajkumar Vishwakarma said, there is a need to boost up security arrangements around the temple site and to realize this we have prepared a security blueprint with a provision of Rs.77 crore to secure state of the art modern security apparatus to supervise the area.

“Visible policing in the area is not enough to keep an eye over the security arrangements. There is a need to procure modern technology rather than counting-on visible policing to ensure safety and security of the Ram Mandir area and the government is moving in the same direction. To realize this, a secure blueprint of Rs.77 crore has been prepared,” he elaborated.

Without giving more info about the security plans, the DGP managed to say that a significant change in the security arrangement will take place in the days to come. The number of devotees will increase to many fold in Ayodhya in coming days that demands more elaborate security arrangements at the temple area.

The police personnel will be trained how to behave with the devotees. The routes to major temples along with Ram temple site will be reviewed to avoid inconvenience to the differently-abled devotees while coming for darshan. The DGP also said that necessary security arrangements will be made at all three holy sites such as Ayodhya, Kashi and Mathura and will be reviewed from time to time.

On the question of deployment of special security forces (SSF) at the temple site, he said “It is a policy decision. However, the PAC, Paramilitary Force and Civil Police were already deployed for the security of the temple complex.”

While addressing the media on this occasion, the DGP also said that the UP police is busy in preparing a database of the criminals operating in the state.

“The crackdown against the criminals is going on as usual,” he said adding that, “No matter how much stronger the criminal mafia is, their activities will be contained. Be in jail or out of the bars, the police will continue breaking the criminal network. We are preparing a database of the criminals that will carry the details of the criminals, the associates they are rubbing shoulders with and their properties etc.”