Thursday, June 8, 2023
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UP: Yogi Govt introduced ‘history’ sans any mention of ‘Mughal era’ and ‘advent of Islam’

In a yet another prejudiced and Islamophobia move, the BJP ruled Uttar Pradesh government has reportedly introduced reform in academic literature excluding the rich history of the entire Mughal era, the dominion having spread over a period of one thousand years and left a significant impact over the Indian sub-continent.

Upon receiving the instruction from the government, the NCERT, CBSE and UP Board made several changes in the literature for the year 2023-24.

With this, no history will be taught about the Mughal era, their rulers and kingdoms in schools and colleges in the state of Uttar Pradesh governed by BJP henceforth. The entire syllabus pertaining to the Mughal era having significant impact over the Indian peninsula, has been removed from the literature of 12th standard to be taught in the academic year 2023-24.

The literary reform in the CBSE and UP Board courses was brought by the UP government led by Yogi Adityanath, a card carrying Hindutva leader. The UP Government’s decision will be applied on both the CBSE and UP Board and the new hollow literature will be made available in the market.

The BJP led UP government doesn’t want the students in Uttar Pradesh to be taught the rich history of the Mughal rulers who ruled the Indian subcontinent for atleast 1,000 years. Hence, it has rolled out new academic literature eschewing any mention of the Mughal era. Accordingly, the NCERT introduced the literary reform in the syllabus for the year 2024-2023 that may continue in the future.

Apart from this, the syllabus of 11th standards too was changed. Chapters like Advent of Islam, cultural conflicts, industrial revolution and beginning of time were removed from the academic literature and replaced with rulers and kingdoms of Hindustan.

The UP government’s move may have appeased a section of majority community in the country but was emphatically deplore by the Muslims as well as the intellectuals from all sides. The move has already stoked an outrage among the Muslim community in the country who believe that the hollow academic reform has exposed the prejudiced mindset of the BJP ruled UP government led by Yogi Adityanath.