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Violence during Mahaviri march in Bihar’s Motihari

At least six persons were injured in a clash between two groups during the Mahaviri March on the occasion of Nag Panchami in Pipra village of Bihar’s Motihari district.

The violence was triggered when a group of people organized a Mahaviri march in the village. They were demonstrating lathis with loud devotional songs when people from another group allegedly pelted stones at

Soon, the situation turned ugly with the group assaulting each other with lathis. Around six persons were injured in the clash and were admitted to Sadar Hospital where their conditions are stated to be stable.

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Police present there, however, acted swiftly and used a mild lathi charge to disperse the crowd. Earlier in Bagaha, around 12 people were injured in a similar clash during the Mahaviri march on Monday.





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