Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Viral- “I don’t have corona, he does”: MP healthcare worker stops ambulance with patient to have juice

A video showing a health worker wearing a PPE kit is going viral as he can been seen waiting to receive his sugarcane juice order after halting the ambulance he was driving– all this while a covid-19 patient is in the vehicle in dire need to be admitted to a hospital.  


The video that surfaced from Madhya Pradesh also shows the man attempting to defend his obnoxious actions by stating that the patient has coronavirus and he doesn’t. He goes on to dismiss the passer-by who captured the incident on camera to go away and let him have his juice.  

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The incident took place in Shahdol district where the healthcare worker along with his colleague had stopped the ambulance carrying a covid patient for a break. The man had his mask down– a strict violation of the covid guidelines placed for public places- and was busy scrolling through his phone in the video. After realizing that he is on camera, he wears it properly. The colleague can be seen sitting leisurely in the ambulance with the door open 

Unaware of the situation, many people in the video walk past the healthcare worker- possibly spreading the virus to them.  

Shot on a mobile phone, in the video the bystander asks, “You are transporting a corona patient and also not wearing mask properly.” 

“I don’t have corona. I am just transporting the patient. Let me drink,” the healthcare worker hits back, pulling up his mask.  

As per the reports of the Health Ministry, Madhya Pradesh is one of the 10 states that are contributing over 84% of the total number of daily cases in the country. MP has reported 3,41,887 active cases with more than 54,000 fatalities till date.  

With 1,31,968 cases in the last 24 hours, India broke its own record this morning of the highest single-day cases, taking the total count to 1.3 crore. This figure is far higher than the one witnessed in 2020 during coronavirus’s first wave.  

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The second wave has induced a 13 fold increase in the last 2 months itself- proving the gravity of the situation. Failure to abide by the norms and a disregard for the seriousness of the disease pushed the nation beyond the 98,000 mark reported in September last year.  

Despite the surge, election rallies, religious gatherings and crowded festivals continue to become the normal scenario in India.