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When you held classes online, hold exams also: Parents

The Ministry of Education wants to conduct exams for Classes 9 and 11 before promoting students to the next standard. The exams could be held offline. However, the Delhi government also has an option to conduct exams online.

In between, many parents have suggested that if the classes are happening online then the exams should also be taken online. The Delhi Parents Association on behalf of a large number of parents has written a letter to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal urging him to conduct Classes 9 and 11 examinations online.

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President of Delhi Parents Association Aparajita Gautam said that “On the basis of the continuous appeal of parents and children, we have requested the Delhi government to conduct online exams of children of Class 9th and 11th.”

Gautam said, “We are constantly receiving e-mails from hundreds of parents and children. They are all worried about why schools are pressurizing for offline exams or physical exams. The study is being done online for the past 10-11 months, and the education minister, education department, and schools hailed this effort. So, when an online study has become successful then what is the need to conduct exams offline.”

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According to the Delhi Parents Association, the schools which have been conducting classes online for the last 10-11 months should take the exams online as well.

The Association said that as per an order by the education department, the students of Classes 9 and 11 would go to school only with the prior permission of their parents, while many schools have asked children to come without a permission letter. Many schools have not demanded any objection certificate from parents. There are many schools that are ignoring the norms.



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