Monday, March 8, 2021
Home Exclusive Will continue people oriented work in Mailardevpally: T.Srinivas Reddy

Will continue people oriented work in Mailardevpally: T.Srinivas Reddy

With a straight second victory in the recently held GHMC elections, the Mailardevpally Corporator Tokala Srinivas Reddy has proved himself as a resolute political figure whose reckoning ambitions has triggered a political change in Rajendranagar and turned the TRS bastion into a saffron fortress.

His calculative pre-election decision to join the BJP has blown up a fervent wind in favor of saffron fold in the entire Rajendranagar division that resulted in TRS numbing loss in all three out of five wards that once enjoyed by congress and Telugu Desam but was vanquished by the pink fold after coming into power in Telangana in 2014.  Sailing on BJP’s ticket this time, T. Srinivas Reddy secured 18076 votes to defeat T.Premdas Goud, a TRS candidate who got 16128 votes only to receive defeat the second time in a row.

Srinivas Reddy, who earn moniker for handing defeats to ruling parties with his flamboyant approach but unassuming personality, has a reason to smile as he first defeated his arch-rival Premdas Goud, a setting TDP candidate in 2016 by contesting the election of TRS ticket and repeated the same performance even this time too on BJP’s ticket. Out of five wards in Rajendranagar BJP won three seats that so far represented by TRS while AIMIM retained the other two wards.

During my last term, I have insured a record Rs.100 crore development works in Mailardevpally that include CC Roads, Sewerage System, a Park, and Public toilets. One park has already been completed while another at Madhuban Colony is in the pipeline. I have succeeded in getting more box toilets and e-toilets on different locations in my ward which has a presence of 79,579 voters, highest among all the five wards of Rajendranagar Division.

My first and foremost priority, he said, is to focus on the composite drainage system in the Mailardevpally ward as several colonies and not been privileged yet with the facility. Besides this, I will strive to get a few more parks, Community halls, Mahila buildings as a part of the next leg of development.

Pollution is gradually making people of my area more worried than ever with a number of industries not adhering to the rules meant to protect the environment thereby polluting the air and groundwater besides spilling the hazardous chemical into water bodies. I will take up the issue with the pollution control board on a priority basis to check the pollution in my area as people are severely affected by the polluting industries.

The indoor sports complex at Durganagar Kattedan is moved in a snail space for the last 12 years as no sufficient funds were released to complete the project so far. Despite repeated representations and ensuring visits of former mayor Bontu Rammohan twice in my term, the works are not yet completed.

When asked about shifting his loyalty from TRS to BJP, he said, I found TRS a party that always breaches its own promises and tries to go back from the commitments to provide succor to poor people through schemes like double bedroom houses, pensions to all disabled, senior citizens, single widows, Kalyana Lakshmi and Shadi Mubarak, etc. The present number of people waiting to receive their rightful dole from the government is substantial proof to prove the point.