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With monsoons delayed, KCR emphasizes water conservation in Telangana

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao emphasized the importance of being prepared for the monsoon’s delayed arrival and directed key departments to develop contingency plans. The Meteorological Department has forecasted below-average rainfall through the first week of July, necessitating proactive measures to address the situation. The Chief Minister spoke at a high-level meeting at the Secretariat about monsoon preparation, irrigation, and drinking water supply.

During the meeting, KCR assured farmers of his full support in protecting their crops and emphasized the importance of prioritizing drinking water needs. He emphasized the importance of maintaining Mission Bhagiratha’s supply, a flagship water supply scheme. The Chief Minister also directed officials to prepare an operational manual ahead of time for the scheduled pump house work under the Lift Irrigation Scheme.

Furthermore, he urged the irrigation department to ensure that water from major and minor irrigation projects was released on time, emphasizing the importance of maintaining adequate water storage levels. Given the significant drop in water levels at Ranganaik Sagar, he directed that 3 TMC (thousand million cubic feet) of water be lifted from the Mid Manair Dam to Ranganaik Sagar. Officials informed the Chief Minister that Nizamsagar now has 4.95 TMC of water, which is sufficient for irrigation.

Furthermore, Chief Minister KCR directed that the water level of the Sri Ramsagar (Poonampad) project be closely monitored until August. 30 to 35 TMC of water from the Kaleshwaram lift project should be pumped into Sri Ramsagar if necessary.

The proactive approach and instructions of the Chief Minister aim to ensure the availability of irrigation water for agriculture while also meeting the people’s drinking water needs. The government intends to mitigate the impact of below-normal rainfall and provide necessary support to farmers and communities in the state by planning ahead of time and closely monitoring water levels in various projects.






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