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Women in riot-hit area of Bihar Sharif accused police of ransacking houses

Amid the reports of communal clashes in West Bengal and Bihar during Ram Navami procession, allegations of biased role allegedly played by the local police in riot-hit areas while controlling the situation has surfaced once again with victims especially the women has revealed the harrowing accounts of police brutality and levelled some serious accusations against the men in uniform.

It is said that the communal clashes broke-out during Ram Navami procession at Bihar Sharif area of Nalanda district in Bihar wherein the rioters unleashed a terror by putting the houses and shops into flames. However, the alleged rampage unleashed by the police while controlling the situation has actually added blows to the already chaotic situation that has fostered a climate of fear among the local Muslim women who feel unsafe in their own houses.

According to a woman from Bihar Sharif area, the members of Bajarang Dal started pelting stones on Muslim youths returning from a local mosque after offering namaz. One more eye witness alleged that the policemen barged into our houses and abused the women members of the family. They carried out searches in houses and took away whatever valuables they found during their raids. “The policemen even removed dupattas of the women and snatched away their earrings,” they said.

The Muslim women in the riot-hit area are now raising concern over the safety of their valuables and their people after the rampage. They said the local police resorted to abuse and even threatened us with more evil actions. The police forced us to open the doors and went into a rampage. They went on using upstairs to jump into the houses.

However, refusing the allegations the ADM Patna said these allegations are common after the riots. We will not spare anyone responsible for taking law into their hands and will be punished accordingly. The police even claim that the situation in Bihar Sharif is in control for the moment.