Monday, June 14, 2021
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Women offer prayers to ‘Corona Mai’ in UP villages

Women in the villages of Varanasi and Kushinagar have now deified the Coronavirus and have started worshipping ‘Corona Mai’ to lessen her fury and save people from dying.

The women, on Sunday, lined up to offer prayers to ‘Corona Mai’ in Kushinagar district.

In Varanasi, women are coming together in groups on the Ghats to offer prayers and appease the Corona Mai.

Surili Devi of Kushinagar said that they would offer prayers for 21 days to appease the Corona Mai and were confident that the pandemic would recede.

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When asked who prescribed them this spiritual method to check the deadly virus, she said, “A number of pandits have said that we should offer prayers to stop the Corona virus.”

She said that everyone was confident that the prayers would work and Corona would go away from their villages.

Women who are lining up to pray for hours, are not maintaining social distancing.

“When we are praying to Corona Mai, there is no need for anything else. The ‘Corona Mai’ will bless us and cure people,” said Ishwari, another devotee.