Saturday, July 31, 2021
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​Enraged over Waseem Razvi’s profanity laden move, Muslims to hold series of rallies

Filing of profanity-laden PIL in Supreme Court seeking perversion of few verses from Quran by Waseem Razi, purportedly a renegade of Shia community has stirred an outrage among the Muslim community as flocks of demonstrators are seen hitting the roads to register their anger against the move by the alleged impostor.

In a first set of enraged reaction, a protest rally from Dairy Farm cross road Upperpally to Rajendranagar Police Station has been organized by the Muslim youth demanding strict action against impostor Waseem Razvi. Hundred of youth were seen wearing black strips on their shoulder during the bike rally and raise slogans against the renegade.

Similarly, another protest has been planned on 15th of March at Barkas Play Ground to register protest against profanity laden move by the impostor Waseem Razvi. According to Esa Bahajjaaj, a senior congress leader of Barkas, a protest rally will begin from Taxi Stand, Barkas sharp at 4.30 pm post Namaz-e-Asr wherein Muslims youths participate in big number wearing black strips on their shoulders to register their protest.

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“The rally, he said, will spearhead by Mushtaq Malik, President of Tahreek Muslim Shabban (TMS) and will reach local police station from different areas where a police complaint will be lodge against the abominable Waseem Razvi for his despicable act.

Calling Waseem Razvi as an evil soul, the congress leader said, “Raising voice against the impostor is a collective responsibility of the entire community ​and this should be done standing above the party lines​,” adding that “This is not the exceptional incident wherein Waseem Razvi has spewed venom against Islam. He is hooked on hurting the sentiments of Muslim community by resorting to such profanity laden narratives every now and then in the past and surely is bounds to hell.”

Likewise, another protest is being organized on 15th March with a theme of “Tahaffuz-e-Quraan Rally” from Purani Haveli cross road to Darulshifa Ground at 7.30 pm against despicable act of impostor Waseem Razvi. The organizers fervently appeal to both the Sunni and Shia community people to participate in the rally to convey a strong message to those subversive forces trying to harm the strength and unity of the community.

There were reports of similar protests in several parts of the city against the profanity laden PIL in Supreme Court by the forces with ulterior motives seeking perversion of few verses from Quran.