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Y THIS NEWS an initiative of ‘Raavi Media’ is a New Generation News Portal, which brings wealthy knowledge of PRINT media and TV Media together for The News hungry users, with the help of a dedicated team of young and experienced journalists with over 20 years of experience.

Y This news provides services in Urdu, Roman Urdu, and English. The Urdu version of Y This news at www.ythisnews.com/ur/ is very popular with numerous visitors from across the borderlines.

Y This News is designed to be a primary source of news and information for the entire Indian community on topics related to political, social, religious, and educational issues with a focus on Indian minorities and News from Telangana. Nevertheless, it also places current news from the Muslim World along with opinion articles and features. It, particularly, tries to give coverage and focus on the important issues which are generally ignored by the so-called mainstream media.

As the digital wing of Raavi Media, ythisnews.com is a platform is designed for the new generation of news consumers who are Seeped in hard-hitting opinion with interactive news content for those you define themselves as ‘hungry to know and have it all’. We make sense of the systematic chaos that is the world today and seek to bring you the story, however, you want it – on your phone through videos, infographics.

Dream of empowering over 60 lakh Hyderabadis across the world to stay connected with their motherland. Y This news publishes stories based on facts, with an aim To serve the nation in general and minority community in particular.

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