Saturday, May 28, 2022
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​Haridwar incident might be a ‘state sponsored episode’, Dr.Puniyani

Reacting to the Haridwar incident wherein the leaders of Hindu fringe organizations called for ethnic cleansing of Muslims that created outrage among Muslims, the renowned histories Ram Puniyani said, “The transactional approach of Hindutva leaders witnessed during the program shows that the fringe groups have moved a step ahead from hate mongering to violence straightly against the Muslim community in India.”

“This incident is quite disappointing and even alarming too. More intriguing is the question that why is the police keeping mum over the issue as the rhetoric being used during the program by the hindutva leaders is a severe violation of the constitution and cognizable crime too? The way the police are shying away from acting against the perpetrators and the perpetual silence maintained by the PM Modi flagrantly speaks that the whole episode may have been crafted under state’s sponsorship,” he pointed.

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“It appears that the hindutva leaders are trying to polarize the society by disturbing communal harmony using hateful yoke against Muslims,” he said adding that “This way they can regain their strength. Given the fast approaching Uttar Pradesh elections, it could easily be construed that polarization policy might have been put in play to gain power in the poll bound state.”

Actually the ‘Hindutva Politics’ being played today by a section of Hindu clerics is a clear violation of true Hindu that was propagated by Kabir and Mahatma Gandhi. The hateful yoke and the provocative rhetoric being used by these hindutva leaders is no doubt a part of a hyperpolarized political agenda. The process of contaminating the society begins with few incidents like demolition of (Babri) mosque, communalization of the social order and fostering hysteria about growing (Muslim) population. Now all this evolves into a more volatile situation with the Haridwar episode.

“Political parties that woke up late are now raising their voices against the incident one after another. However, it is the need of the hour for all the political parties especially those who believe in Indian constitution to go for the jugular against the government questing its inability to act tough against such divisive forces who are polarizing the society with their hate narratives,” argued Dr.Puniyani.

In his fervent appeal Dr.Puniyani said, “I hope all of us will stand united against this type of hate mongering episodes and hold demonstrations in concerned cities to pressurize the government to act tough against such incidents that are despicable and obnoxious enough.”