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60 residents rescued from burning Mumbai building

At least 60 residents were rescued from a building in Kurla which caught fire shortly after midnight, officials said here on Saturday. The blaze was reported from a 12-storeyed SRA Building No. 7 in Kurla West, at around 12.15 a.m.

The fire broke in the electrical installations, wires, and some scrap and spread through the electrical ducts from the ground to the 12th floor, trapping most residents living on the higher floors.

Even the Mumbai Fire Brigade battled the conflagration, another team got busy to rescue the building occupants. Up to 60 residents stuck in the smoke on various floors were taken out through the staircase by the firemen.

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Of them, 43 people were affected by suffocation and breathing issues and have been admitted to various hospitals for treatment. The fire was extinguished later and a cooling operation going on, said the BMC Disaster Control.








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