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7K new Restaurants Onboarded by Swiggy, Delivers More Than 10 CR Orders

Swiggy, an online food delivery application on Thursday uncovered it has onboarded more than 7,000 new restaurants a month on Swiggy which is 3,000 more than the pre-COVID-19 times, alongside delivering 10 crore orders to customers since the start of the lockdown.

Almost 6,000 new restaurants are little and medium restaurants contrasted with 3,500 in the pre-COVID-19 period and there has been a five-fold increment every month in onboarding fine-dine restaurant for online deliveries to customers, Swiggy said.

The organization stated in an announcement, “Our pan-India food delivery has recovered around 80-85 percent of pre-COVID-19 order value. In many markets, it is at 95 percent, some even over 100 percent.”

In the IPL 13 season, Swiggy is witnessing significant cities coming to pre-COVID-19 recuperation values.

During the progressing cricketing season, the Tier 2, 3 cities s have performed incredibly well accounting for a double-digit development over the initial weekend itself, the organization told.

Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Mumbai are some of the most active metro cities meanwhile Ahmedabad, Lucknow and Jaipur are the most active level 2 cities this cricket season.

Swiggy declared: “Almost over 200 cities have now reached 90 percent of their pre-COVID-19 GMV (gross merchandise value) levels with more than 70 cities seeing a full recovery to their pre-COVID-19 levels.”

Certain small pockets inside the nation have likewise arrived at 200 percent of their pre-COVID-19 value.

Enormous food delivery markets, for example, Chennai and Bengaluru are seeing a quick recuperation.

Be that as it may, because of a great deal of the customers moving from these metros into level 2 and 3 urban cities, they have arrived at their 80 percent of GMV levels.

Swiggy stated, “With offices resuming operations, we can expect the working population to migrate back to the metros in the near future and reach full recovery.”

Swiggy’s Jumpstart Package has upheld more than 50,000 restaurants over the previous four months.

It stated: “Over 15,000 restaurants have leveraged Jumpstart for the ‘Best Safety Standards’ tag and over 10,000 restaurants leveraged it for boosting their business.”

The sheer convenience and quick service of Swiggy make it easy to understand why this company has received the success and recognition that it has.

Swiggy is also one of the highest-rated apps on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.





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