Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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After withdrawal, GHMC to bring back ‘trash container’ culture in city

Only a few months after abolishing open trash container culture in the city, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has now decided to bring it back with newly designed containers that, the civic body claims, will help address the stinky garbage issue in haphazardous growing city of Hyderabad.

The civic body has decided to set up 2794 trash containers at different locations in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderbad.

Only last year the civic body announced the withdrawal of open top trash containers from the city citing that the move is a part of its vision to make the city completely free from the heaps of garbage every few meters.

The civic body has now decided to introduce fully covered model trash containers with a 60 kilogram holding capacity especially in commercial markets in the city. It is learnt that the process of tenders is set into motion after the new proposal to improve the sanitation system in the city gets a nod from the government. The civic body has decided to fix trash containers 100 meters off the road corner. This, despite the fact that most of the city roads are having not enough space even to allow the vehicles to pass freely.

The civic body claimed that the new idea will help maintain cleanliness at different markets in the city and promotes a habit of disposing the garbage safely among the people.

As part of the new plan, a total 1397 twin-carriers and another 1397 triple-carriers model containers will be set-up in different parts of the city. The GHMC will make special arrangements to recollect the trash from these specially designed containers. Apart from this the already existing auto collection teams will cart away the trash twice in the day to avoid piling up of trash in the designated areas.

Amid the new idea of the GHMC aimed at improving the sanitation system in the city, the question remains unanswered about what actually the civic body has achieved by withdrawing the trash containers from different parts of the city? Infact, the situation deteriorates further with the withdrawal of trash containers as heaps of filth and stink became a regular menace for the people in the city that hints at a complete failure of the GHMC in addressing the garbage menace.