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Age limit for vaccine made people worry while officials’ face tough time to handle the situation

Unlike the perfunctory response to the vaccination drive in some neighboring municipalities of Rangareddy District, the situation in Shamshabad Municipality is completely other way around where the age gap of the registered people is leading to a frantic situation that left the officials into jittery as the inoculation fete attracts an overwhelming response from the public.

With all the other 13 municipalities and three Municipal Corporation, the Shamhabad Municipality too went for a vaccination drive from 5th June. Though everything moved smoothly on the first day of the drive with over 300 people getting the jab, the subsequent days witnessed a messy affair at the center with most of the people returned to houses without jabs despite having registered with the vaccination center.

When contacted, the Dr.Srugana Dy.District Medical and Health Officer Ranga Reddy explained that the issue was actually cropped up due to age gap. “We are supplying 500 doses daily to Shamshabad vaccination center as per the fixed target of which 400 shots are earmarked for people below the age of 45 and the remaining 100 is for people having upper age limit. However, the number of people registering for vaccines is mostly below the age of 45 years. This has led to a situation where some people above 45 years of age were made to return without getting the jabs. However, all those people were given the token and they would surely be vaccinated tomorrow,” informed Dr.Srujana Dy.District Medical and Health Officer Ranga Reddy.

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​​“On the opening day, over 316 people out of the 500 targets per day got the shots at the centre. Similarly on 6th and 7th June,​a total number of 426 and 472 people ​​​​got the vaccine ​​respectively​ ​​with majority of them ​​ falling under ​​18-44 age category. As only 100 doses have been earmarked for the people above 45 years of age, most of the people falling​​ under this category have returned without the shots. However, the messy affair was witnessed only today with people overwhelmed at the centre to get the shots,” informed Anil Kumar, Environmental Engineer Anil Kumar.​​​​

Ironically, the neighbouring Jalpally Municipality received a lukewarm response to the vaccination drive as most of the people were still wrapped under the illusion about the shots. Affirming the same the Commissioner Jalpally Municipality G.P. Kumar said, “Most of the people are unwittingly hesitating to get the vaccine due to some unrealistic illusions spreading on social media. But the situation is gradually improving now. Upon knowing that fellow citizens are moving ramrod straight after getting the shots, the others too are following them.”

“We made all the necessary arrangements at the center and campaigning beyond to attract more people to ensure successful conduct of the vaccination drive,” he said adding that “A separate team has been constituted to carry door to door vaccination campaign and help the elder citizens to get the jabs at their doorstep.”

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Elaborating on the trend at the vaccination centre the Supervisor Anjaiah said, “There is no shortcoming of doses in our centre. We are regularly receiving the doses from Balapur Area Hospital. The only thing is that the rate of registration is very less and most of them are not even turning for jabs the next day.​​ “First day we administered a total 184 shots out of a fixed target of 500 shots. The second day the number goes up to 300 and today around 267 people take vaccine out of 375 persons being registered,” he explained.​