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Akhilesh Calls Yogi’s Achievement : Media Blitzkrieg

Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav on Wednesday mounted a scathing attack on the Bhartiya Janata Party and said that the biggest achievement of the Yogi Adityanath government in UP was the media blitzkrieg it was creating at government expense.

“This government has mastered the art of making false propaganda through posters and hoardings. They spend money on creating a blitzkrieg so that attention is diverted from ground realities. They will show you a building form the USA and a flyover from Kolkata and pass it off as their own,” he said.

Speaking at a news conclave here, Akhilesh said that their hoardings term their leaders as ‘dumdaar’ but they never talk about those ‘dumdaar’ (animals with tail) that destroy a farmer’s crop.

“Do they ever talk about Gorakhpur where a trader is beaten to death by the police? Or about potholes on the roads? How much money has been spent on cleaning the Ganga and why is it not clean as yet?” he asked.

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Akhilesh said that the BJP had killed the truth. “Kamal ka phool has become jhoot ka phool. Their claims are 100 percent but reality is zero,” he stated.

Replying to a question, he said that when he returned to power, he would provide cheap power to farmers, weavers, and the people.

“They accuse me of developing Sefai but what prevents them from developing the whole of UP like Sefai. Why does the chief minister not develop Gorakhpur where people were using boats due to water logging earlier this month?” he asked.

Akhilesh also objected to the Prime Minister’s photograph on the Covid vaccine certificate and said, “Where else do you find the photograph of leaders? The US, Europe and all other countries have their national flag on the certificate but here we have the photograph of the Prime Minister If the government puts the picture of our national flag, I will take the vaccine too.”

Talking about the upcoming assembly elections, Akhilesh reiterated that there would be no alliance with big parties like Congress and BSP.

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“We will enter into an alliance with smaller parties and get a comfortable majority on our own. People have made up their mind to vote out BJP because they remember the Corona deaths, mass cremations, lack of oxygen, migration, joblessness and farmers’ problems,” he stated.

He said that a change in the air was already palpable. “This year on my birthday, several officers sent me messages with their wishes,” he said.

The SP president said that the people’s anger was visible from the fact that BJP MLAs were not being allowed to enter villages, their MPs were being beaten up and their leaders were also being forced by the people to walk through water-logged roads.