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Amid Hijab Row, future of Muslim girl students should be protected: Dr.Puniyani

Terming the Hijab row a very disappointing development at a time when the Muslim girls are playing up much better than earlier in the field of education in Karnataka, Dr.Ram Puniyani, a renowned historian and an academician, said “If the court restored status retrospectively in vogue compatible to the constitution, it would be a more welcoming move and surely help Muslims girls to make fast strides academically.”

Reminding that the Muslim girl students have made inroads into the field of education in recent years he said, “It is not at all appropriate to place barricades on the way of Muslim girl students at this point of time when they are preparing for exams and will exhaust to such a politicise issue.”

Blaming that both the communities are playing into the hands of politicians, he said, the primary victims are Muslim girls whose academic career is at high stake as the Hijab row is playing as a fly in the ointment for them.

Pointing out that the saffron brigades of RSS are trying to find a casus belli to hurt the sentiments of Muslims, Dr.Puniyani said, “The Hijab row should be dealt more miraculously so to avoid writing-off the academic year of the Muslim students.

“In fact the need is to adopt a more proactive and flexible approach towards the minorities owing to the issues they are facing in the country so that their children could achieve better education thereby to make a more vibrant society. However, the present situation is completely the other way around,” he explained.

A climate of fear is being fostered especially against the Muslim community in the country, he rued adding that “The incidents like ‘Sulli Deals’ and ‘Bully Bai’ apps to outrage the modesty of Muslim women and provoking speeches during a dharm sansad at Haridward calling for ethnic cleansing of Muslims – that saw no concrete actions from government, has squarely directed to hark back the Muslim community into the gorge of backwardness and hijab row is also a link of a same saffron chain.”