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Amit Shah uttered lie over Hyderabad’s integration: Asaduddin

MIM president Asaduddin Owaisi on Sunday alleged that Union Home Minister Amit Shah uttered a lie by saying that erstwhile Hyderabad State was integrated with the Indian Union without shedding a drop of blood.

The Hyderabad MP said Amit Shah uttered a lie like then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who had stated in his speech on September 18, 1948, that there was no bloodshed. He said Nehru was speaking a day after Hyderabad’s integration with India.

Owaisi was speaking at a public meeting hours after Amit Shah addressed Hyderabad Liberation Day celebrations in the city.  Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) celebrated the day as National Integration Day with Owaisi leading a Tiranga bike rally and addressing a public meeting.

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The MIM chief mentioned the report of Pandit Sunderlal Commission which visited Hyderabad State after the ‘Police Action’, as the Indian military action against Nizam’s Army was popularly known.  “Pandit Sunderlal said in his report that more than 20,000 Muslims were massacred. The report proves the lies of Nehru and today’s home minister,” he said.

Owaisi said Pandit Sunderlal and Qazi Abdul Gaffar had told Moulana Abul Kalam Azad that a holi with blood was played in the name of ‘Police Action’ and when Moulana Azad informed Nehru, he sent Sunderlal and Abdul Gaffar to Hyderabad State.

The MP claimed that Sunderlal in his report stated that while ‘razakars’ committed atrocities on Hindus, 100 Muslims were killed for each ‘razakar’.  The MIM leader claimed that former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had stated in Parliament that if she brought the report of the Sunderlal Commission before the people, it would not be in the national interest.

“Hyderabad’s integration could have been easy and without bloodshed but it was a mistake of the then rulers,” Owaisi said. The MIM chief advised people to study history and ensure that mistakes of the past are not repeated in the future.

Decrying BJP’s attempt to give communal color to Hyderabad’s integration, Owaisi said there were many Muslims who fought against Nizam. He said RSS, Jan Sangh, and Sangh Parivar had no role in the fight for Hyderabad State’s integration with India.

He pointed out that during the first war of independence in 1857, Moulvi Alauddin had fought against the British and Nizam’s government. An Imam of Hyderabad’s historic Mecca Masjid, he had raised his voice from the same mosque.

Owaisi said that had he been born during the times of Nizam, he would have felt suffocated because there was a feudal system.  “There was a monarch and no Constitution. I like the Constitution of India which has given the freedom of speech,” he said while slamming those who call him and his party razakars.

“Razakars have gone to Pakistan but wafers (patriots) have stayed back and are fighting for their rights,” he said. “Razakars have escaped but offspring of Godse and Savarkar are still there. We have to drive them out,” he remarked.

The Hyderabad MP said while the system was feudal in the then Hyderabad State, no one can deny the contribution of Nizam in building the modern Hyderabad. He pointed out that Nizam built the old airport, railway stations, Osmania University, hospitals, reservoirs, and several buildings.  The Nizam also gifted properties to the temple, he said.  Owaisi said there were many Hindus as ministers in the Nizam’s government and Hindus were also landlords.








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