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Andhra woman cuts husband’s genital for watching first wife’s video

A woman cut the private parts of her husband with a blade when he was watching Instagram reels of his first wife. The incident occurred at Nandigama in the NTR district on Friday.

Anand Babu, who was bleeding heavily, was admitted to the government hospital at Nandigama and was later shifted to a hospital in Vijayawada for advanced treatment.

Police investigations revealed that the victim had separated from his first wife due to some problems. He had married another woman, Varamma, five years ago.

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On Friday night, Anand Babu was watching Instagram reels of his first wife. This angered Varamma, who pulled him up. During a heated argument, Varamma attacked his private parts with a blade.

Varamma told media persons that they had a fight when he was watching his first wife’s video. She said she did not intentionally attack his private part.

The police registered a case on a complaint by Anand Babu and took up an investigation.









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