Monday, September 28, 2020
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Another NEET Applicant to Commit Suicide Day Before Examination

Fear of Failure Forces Another NEET Applicant to Commit Suicide Day Before Examination in Madurai

Yet another NEET applicant has ended her life a day before the medical entrance exam is planned. In Madurai, an 18-year-old young girl died due to committing suicide on Saturday. In a lengthy suicide note, she has spoken about dreading to come up short in the test and not getting a seat.

Jyoti Durga, the daughter of Muruga Sundaram, a sub-inspector, killed herself in Madurai subsequent to being worried about her performance in the placement test.

Jyoti Durga had not had the possibility to clear the NEET test a year ago and had waited for an entire year to attempt again this year. On Friday night, she is said to have talked with her dad about her worries about the test and how she may perform this time around.

In a lengthy letter that has been discovered in her book, Jyoti Durga has written directly to her family not to accuse themselves and that she is taking this critical step out of the dread of failing the tests and not having the option to get a seat.

She had a manner for sitting late in the night to plan for her tests. While the family expected that Jyoti Durga was getting ready for her tests, she hung had herself to death.

Early in the morning on Saturday when her parents tapped on her door to give her tea, they found the door to be bolted from inside. The family broke into her space to discover her hanging from the roof fan.

Nearby police have sent Jyoti Durga’s body for post-mortem and an inquiry concerning the case is currently being led.

Jyoti Durga has written in her letter that her family has a ton of desires from her and on the off chance that I don’t get a seat in college the total of your heavy work will go to waste. She has composed messages for her sibling, father, companions and family members.

The state government and opposition groups have been having a problem with holding the NEET andJEE Mains during the COVID=19 pandemic. As of late two different instances of suicide by students have been connected to the NEET in Tamil Nadu.