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Arab and Muslim Ministers Head to China in Gaza Peace Mission

A delegation of ministers from Arab and Muslim countries is set to embark on a mission to China on Monday as the initial step in a broader tour aimed at resolving the ongoing conflict in Gaza, according to Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan.

This diplomatic initiative follows decisions made during the recent Arab-Islamic Summit in Riyadh. The ministers, after their visit to China, will proceed to various other capitals, intending to convey a strong message advocating for an immediate ceasefire and facilitating the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

On the sidelines of the IISS Manama Security Summit in Bahrain, Prince Faisal highlighted the significance of the tour and its role in implementing the resolutions agreed upon at the summit. The ultimate goal is to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and bring an end to the hostilities.

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In discussions with EU Foreign Affairs High Representative Josep Borrell on Saturday, Prince Faisal emphasized the international community’s unanimous recognition of the importance of peace. However, he expressed concern that there has not been sufficient attention given to the urgent need for an immediate ceasefire.

Despite aspirations for long-term peace, Prince Faisal underscored the current priority of halting the ongoing fighting and alleviating the suffering of civilians in Gaza. The relentless Israeli bombardment and ground offensive in the Gaza Strip have resulted in a significant loss of life, with approximately 12,300 casualties and over one million Gazans displaced. The minister urged collective efforts to bring an end to the violence and ensure the well-being of civilians caught in the conflict.

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