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Argala Revive Launches World-Class Rehab in Hyderabad

Argala Revive, a world-class multi-specialty centre for Medical Rehabilitation, Pre & Post-Operative Care, and Physiotherapy services; was formally inaugurated by the Chief Guest Sri D Sridhar Babu, Hon’ble Minister for IT, E&C, I&C and Legislative Affairs, Govt of Telangana, at Jubilee Hills, today.

Argala Revive, a state-of-the-art Day-Care Medical Rehab Centre equipped with cutting-edge technology, is poised to deliver world-class services in Ortho, Neuro, Cardiac, and Geriatric rehab. Led by highly qualified and experienced medical professionals, each program is meticulously designed with specific goals and time-bound outcomes. The Centre features dedicated care zones tailored to address the unique needs of patients in these specialized areas.

Sri D Sridhar Babu, speaking on the occasion said, Argala Revive is a one of its kind super speciality rehab centre, which facilitates the pre-emptive, pre and post operative rehabilitation for patients. The Centre has state-of-the-art-technology offering some of the services exclusively, here. Especially when one has fatal attacks, it’s the rehab care which can make the difference to the patient, in his speedy recovery and getting back to his routine quickly.

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Dr Sreedevi Yadavalli, Managing Director, Argala Health Services Pvt Ltd., said, “In the overall recovery of the patient, pre & post care rehab is often as critical as the care itself. Patients who receive the best possible protocolised rehab, often get the best possible outcomes, leading to complete recovery and rapid restoration of normalcy. Pre & post operative rehabilitation represent the first and final leg of the journey towards full recovery and play a crucial role in preventing a relapse while prolonging overall wellness.

Argala is a Healthcare company established nearly two years ago by a group of professionals. The company’s main aim is to create a world-class experience in Medical Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy and Pre & Post-Operative Care services. After achieving considerable success and experience in “at-home medical rehab”, it is now starting a dedicated Day-care Centre for Medical Rehab services.

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