Monday, June 14, 2021
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As fear grows, the panicked labours flocking back to their place

Even before the imposition of night curfew in Telangana state, the fear of uncertainty starts developing among the migrant labourers who have begun flocking back to their native places soon after the government made an announcement on 20th April.

Imposition of night curfew in the state reminiscent of last years’ horrific accounts of tribulations of the migrant labourers who had been forced to flock to their native places barefoot crossing one state to another in the absence of transportation services during lockdown.

The panicked labourers working in industrial areas on the city outskirts, especially in Kattedan under Rajendranagar, have started boarding to their native places as many employees see the present night curfew as a precursor of a full-fledged lockdown in the days to come.

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There are around 20,000 labourers working in nearly 600 industries spread in Kattedan area. It is said that only biscuit manufacturing industries employed around 10,000 workers from different states. Besides Kattedan, there are a significant number of industries in surrounding areas like Tata Nagar and Shastripuram where workers from other states are working in a considerable number.

Soon after the imposition of night curfew on 20th April, tourist busses full of with workers were seen leaving from Kattedan area to predetermined destination as labourers and their families are in a constant fear that the situation may worsen in the days to come that may prompt the government to take a call on imposing a full-fledged lockdown.

Even today several labourers working in Katedhan and Balanagar were seen waiting to board the buses to their native places at Amma Garden, Rajendranagar.

“We have no choice but to board for native places as the industry I am working with has decided to stop production for atleast 15 days after the night curfew was announced Yesterday. If we take much time to board the bus then laborers like me would land into trouble as the situation is unpredictable and could turn volatile anytime,” rued Manoj, a labor who has been waiting for the bus since morning at Amma Garden, Kattedhan.

“The laborers were seen in a hurry to board the busses travelling to their native places even before the imposition of night curfew on 20th April. Around three tourist busses, full of laborers, were seen starting the journey from Amma Garden near Kattedan the day before yesterday. However, the night curfew was imposed in a haste that struck a chord in the minds of the labourers working in different industries from Kattedhan to Bala Nagar industrial area who are packing their bags again out of fear. Government should announce its decision atleast a week earlier so as to avoid a chaotic situation for already panicked labourers,” said G.Purniah, Secretary CITU, Rajendranagar.