Thursday, February 25, 2021
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ASO offices begin receiving FSC pleas in Rangareddy albeit heap of claims pending

Though the assistant supply offices in the Rangareddy district begin receiving the applications for food security cards (FSC), there was a lack of applications already pending in the DSO office for two years.

According to the official statistics, out of a total of 1,39,675 applications being received since 2016, there are around 1,00,588 are still pending at different levels in the District.

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The statistics clearly show that, after receiving 43,773 applications in the year 2016, the number has gradually plunged down year after year in the districts.  The year 2016 saw 13,859 approvals and 3882 rejections. However, in the year 2017, the total number of received applications narrowed down to 8028 out of which 2346 applications were approved. This number of applications again goes up in the year 2018 with a total of 39,121 applications received out of which only 11100 please were cleared the scrutiny. Similarly the year 2019 got 32167 applications and 3241 approval with 475 rejections.

However, the year 2020 goes without a single approval presumably due to coronavirus pandemic. Despite receiving 14,365 applications last year amid the pandemic period, not a single one got approved as all the applications remained pending at several levels like inspector, MRO/ASO and DSO. The present year 2021 saw a total 2234 applications received so far and interestingly 6 were rejected without witnessing a single approval.

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Interestingly, CSO Saroornagar Circle 3 Rajendranagar is on top of the list with 65,626 applications received during the last four years while Uppal, Balanagar, and Shabad are the other circles with the least number of applications post-re-organization of the districts.

During the reorganization of districts, the bunch of applications too were bifurcated into several districts. For example, the stockpile of applications in Rajendranagar was around 31,828 out of a total of 63,621 applications being received since 2016. However, following the reorganization of districts, the bigger chunk of the piled-up applications distributed among Gandipet and Rajendranagar. Now, while the Gandipet circle carries a whopping 5073 applications, the Rajendranagar circle has a mere 135 pleas under its drawer.

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It is said that a stalemate between the state and the center over the issue of implementing the “One Nation One Ration (ONOR)” program is the primary reason behind the inordinate delay.

The process of streamlining the ration distribution system in the country remains incomplete though the union government formulated the “One Nation One Ration (ONOR)” program in the year 2019. The scheme was launched with an aim to ensure the beneficiaries, especially the migrant families get their ration across the country from any of the fair price shops (FPSs) they found near them while traveling.