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Attempted Robbery Foiled at Gold Shop in Kompally Hyderabad

Early Thursday morning saw an attempted robbery at a gold shop in Kompally thwarted by the quick actions of the shopkeeper, leading to a dramatic escape by the suspects. According to police reports, two men disguised as customers, one of them wearing a burkha, entered the shop located on Medchal road.

The robbers initially posed as legitimate customers but quickly turned aggressive when one of them brandished a knife, threatening the shopkeeper to pack jewellery boxes into a bag. Sensing danger, the shopkeeper reacted swiftly by leaping over the counter and raising an alarm, prompting the would-be thieves to flee.

Despite a worker’s attempt to hinder their escape by throwing a chair, the duo managed to evade capture, speeding away on a motorcycle parked outside. While the shopkeeper claimed that some gold ornaments were taken during the incident, the exact value is yet to be determined.

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Authorities are currently reviewing footage from closed-circuit cameras installed in the vicinity to gather more details about the perpetrators and their escape route. Senior police officials, accompanied by forensic experts, visited the scene to gather evidence and assess the situation.

The incident has left the local community shaken, underscoring the importance of vigilance and security measures in commercial areas like Kompally. Police have assured the public that efforts are underway to apprehend the suspects and ensure such incidents do not recur.

Investigations into the attempted robbery are ongoing, with authorities urging anyone with relevant information to come forward and assist in the apprehension of the culprits.

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