Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Bangladeshi woman gangrape case- 12 arrested in Bengaluru; victim was trafficked

The Bangladeshi woman’s horrific gang rape case that shook the nation in May this year has reached the end of investigation today with the arrest of 12 people, the Bengaluru Police tweeted today.  

The incident dates back to May 28th when the police found a video getting viral on social media. The video showed a woman, assumed initially to be a native of northeast India, being brutally raped and tortured by a group of men and women.  

Bengaluru Police Commissioner Kamal Pant shared the news on Twitter, praising the work of the investigation team that completed the probe in a “short span of 5 weeks”, for which they will be awarded Rs 1 lakh. He added that the charge sheet of the case has been submitted to the court.  

2 of the accused are women and 11 of the 12 arrested are Bangladesh citizens. The Bangladesh police had arrested a man named Ashraf Mondal for allegedly running a human trafficking racket by bringing in women from his country to India for prostitution. This was done through a network of human traffickers active in Bangladesh, Telangana, West Bengal, Karnataka and Assam. The victim of the gang rape in question was lured to come to India 3 years ago on the pretext of giving a decent job. She was later pushed into prostitution. Financial disputes emerged between the woman and the accused group, after which she went to Kozikhode to stay with her friend.  

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The woman was convinced to come to Bengaluru for solving the matter and was gang raped and tortured in their house on May 19 and 20. The gut-wrenching video viral on social networking platforms shows the accused forcing a bottle into the 22-year-old victim’s private parts. The police say this was one of the 8 videos shot of the incident and they have recovered all from Jamal, 25, and Azim, 24, and Sobuj. They have seized their phones containing the videos and said that they will present them in court as evidence.  

The main accused Sobuj, Ridoy Babo, 25, and Rakibul Islam, 23 were shot by the police after they tried escaping. Rakibul and Ridoy made the attempt during a recreation of the incident. They sustained injuries in their legs and were hospitalized. Except these two, statements of all other accused and the victim were recorded in the court.