Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Beef Industry To Reduce GreenHouse Carbon Emissions But No Net Zero Emissions

New research suggests that the global beef industry in both the United States of America and Brazil have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by almost 50 percent. However, this may be possible with proper land management and improving production efficiency.

Carbon Sequestration Management Strategies May Reduce GHG Emissions

As per the study, implementing carbon sequestration management strategies towards the grazing lands and using some organic soil amendments, restoring trees, and increasing vegetation areas within the forests, woodlands and riverbanks would reduce the net GHG emissions by 46 percent per unit of beef.

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Furthermore, implementing growth efficiency strategies for producing more beef of GHG emissions may eventually lead to an overall 8 percent reduction.

The study is published in the journal Global Change Biology.

Study Says No To Net Zero Emissions

Talking about the study, Daniel Cusack the lead author and the Assistant Professor at CSU’s Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability said that their analysis shows that the beef industry can improve the efficiency and sustainability of the climate.
However, he said that we might never have net zero emissions only with these strategies. He said that we need more innovations and strategies that goes beyond land management and increased grownth efficiency.

“There’s a lot of room, globally, for improvement,” said Cusack.

The study analyzed 292 comparisons of the improved and the conventional beef production systems. The data was included from Asia, the US, Latin America, Brazil, and Australia. The study further said that Brazillian beef production has the strongest potential.

Co-author of the study Clare Kazanski and the region scientists with the Nature Conservancy said that the research shows an important role that the ranchers can play in handling the global climate crisis.

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