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Bengal to soon impose ban on keeping Indian bird species as pets

The West Bengal government will soon impose a complete ban on keeping Indian species of birds as pets at home. According to state Forest Minister Jyotipriyo Mullick, the ban might be imposed as early as August.

“The law will impose a total ban on keeping any sort of Indian species of birds as pets. Violating that will be considered as a punishable offense and will strict action will be taken by competent authorities,” Mullick said.

However, he added, that slight relaxations will be given in case of keeping foreign species of birds as pets. “But in that matter also, there will be lots of restrictions, like foreign species of birds can be kept as pets for breeding purposes only and the owners will have procured a license for the same. This licence will be granted against the payment of a registration fee of Rs 15,000,” the Minister added.

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Mullick further said that there will be restrictions for maintenance of the foreign species. “The owners will not be allowed to exhibit them in public and will not be able to sell them in the open market Before taking legal actions against those who are already having Indian species of birds as pets, my department will be undertaking a thorough campaign programme, so that they become aware of what to do and what not to.”

An official from the state Forest Department said that under the Indian law, keeping Indian birds as pets is barred in the entire country.

“But very few people are aware of this law. Among many households, birds especially parrots, are kept as pets. But it is high time that the government acts strictly on this issue and hence this new state law is being brought,” he added.









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