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Billionaire Invests 16 Crore Rupees Annually to Maintain Youthful Appearance

Regardless of what people do, age continues to increase day by day. Human life goes through different stages, such as childhood, youth, middle age, and old age. With age, various changes are observed in the human body, including wrinkles on the skin and graying of hair.

However, everyone wants to appear youthful regardless of their age. For this, many efforts are made. Many people try creams and facial treatments to achieve youthful-looking skin without the signs of aging. Nowadays, many people are focusing on yoga and fitness. Eating habits are also changing. They follow strict rules and take proper care of their bodies to stay young.

An American billionaire, Brian Johnson, is fearful of appearing like an 18-year-old at the age of 40. For this, he is making various efforts. A team of doctors provided their services to him, and he was in the news for undergoing special treatments.

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Brian Johnson is the CEO of a software company in California, and he possesses a substantial amount of assets and wealth. Currently, he is 46 years old. However, Brian wants to appear youthful. He wants his bodily organs to function like those of an 18-year-old. For this purpose, he is undergoing special treatment. He even transferred his son’s blood into his own body. For this treatment, he is spending an annual sum of 16 crore rupees. He is taking 111 pills as part of his anti-aging treatment.

He is conducting these experiments under the name ‘Project Blue Print.’ Brian constantly monitors his health and organ function with various medical devices. Before going to bed at night, he applies different devices to his body. According to the doctor’s instructions, he has also changed his eating and drinking habits.

Dinner should be eaten every day at 11 in the morning. Brian Johnson revealed all this in an interview with a magazine. He says that if he has to leave the house, he does not travel in his electric Audi car for more than 16 miles per hour (25 kilometers).

Bloomberg reported earlier this year that Brian Johnson’s overall financial worth is 400 million dollars.”



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