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BJP Criticizes Congress and BRS for Not Recognizing Hyderabad Liberation Day

In a recent development, Telangana’s Union Minister and BJP president chastised the Congress and the ruling BRS for not officially commemorating September 17th, an important date commemorating the merging of the old Hyderabad state under Nizam rule with the Indian Union in 1948.

The Union Minister made these remarks at Parkal in Hanumakonda district, where a memorial honors those who died during the 1947 struggle for freedom, a period highlighted by brutality inflicted by the ‘Razakars,’ who were armed followers of the Nizam.

The Union Minister claimed that during the Congress’s term in undivided Andhra Pradesh, the party did not observe ‘freedom day.’ This, he asserted, was due to their “fear of Muslims and Majlis” (a reference to AIMIM). He questioned whether the Congress has the authority to hold its meeting on a day of such historical significance in light of the Congress planning a public gathering on September 17th in Hyderabad and the approaching Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting on Saturday.

He also recommended that if the Congress wanted to hold a meeting on September 17th, the “Gandhi-Nehru family” should first admit its past error in not celebrating this day. As highlighted by the Union Minister, Telangana’s Chief Minister, K Chandrasekhar Rao, had earlier lobbied for the official observance of this day during the Telangana movement but did not execute it while in office.

To mark ‘Hyderabad Liberation Day,’ Union Minister Kishan Reddy led a motorcycle procession from Secunderabad to Parkal. The event was arranged as part of the #AmritMahotsav, which aimed to commemorate Hyderabad Liberation Day and celebrate the courageous heroes who battled against the Nizam’s oppression. Prakash Javadekar, former Union Minister and BJP in-charge of Telangana polls, officially launched the campaign.

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The Centre intends to have an official commemoration of ‘freedom day’ in Hyderabad on September 17th, with Union Home Minister Amit Shah in attendance. However, different political parties in Telangana have varying views of the significance of this day. The BRS government and AIMIM have declared it ‘national integration day.’

The Union Minister’s critique highlights the political intricacies surrounding the historical events of Hyderabad Liberation Day, as well as how different parties in the region understand and commemorate this day.


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