Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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BJP devised another plan called ‘Modi Mitra’ to woo Muslim voters

After devising “Minority Morcha” to attract Muslims towards BJP ahead of Lok Sabha election scheduled to be held next year, it is learnt that the saffron party has now rolled out another plan called “Modi Mitr” to woo Muslim voters mainly in minority dominated districts in the country.

According to a report, the BJP has decided to appoint five thousand Modi Mitras from minorities in Muslim majority districts who would be thrust into a job to bring Muslims closer to the party in their respective districts.

With a view to implement the plan, nearly 65 Muslim majority districts across the country have been identified that include Kerala, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Jammu and Kashmir where the BJP is facing stiff resistance from the opposition parties.

The saffron party will reach the general public in Muslim majority areas first at district level and later at block level using Modi Mitras. The strategy is to propagate works taken up by the Central government and convey PM Modi’s message to the Muslim voters reportedly to manufacture their consent.

It is said that the whole plan is to penetrate the Muslim majority district in five strategically and politically important states from Jammu and Kashmir to Kerala.

Though the Modi Mirta plan will come into effect from April 25, the saffron party has started a campaign called “Sufi Samvad Maha Abhiyan” from March 15 itself chiefly to attract people from Sufi school of thought among the Muslim community.

While claiming that the BJP is getting overwhelming response from the Muslims, Jamal Siddiqui, the National President BJP Minority Morcha said, “People from different communities of the society are attracting toward the BJP due to the welfare programs being initiated by PM Modi in the country and Muslims too are not immune to it.”

He claimed that the Party’s recent victory in a Muslim majority Rampur Lok Sabha constituency is an irrevocable proof that a considerable change has occurred in Muslim voters’ mindset. As such, he said, we want to reach out more and more Muslim with a message of development and prosperity conveyed by PM Modi.

Meanwhile, there were reports that important focus is being given to reach minority communities in the state of Kerala in the southern region. The saffron party is believed to have asked its leaders and cadres to reachout Christine and Muslim families in the state.

According to a report, BJP leaders and activists are visiting Muslim majority areas during festivities to greet them and to invite them to their own houses to celebrate festivals together. With this, the saffron party believes that it may succeed in penetrating the stronghold of the left front.