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BJP legislator calls for cancellation of ORR contract

BJP legislator M Raghunandan Rao said on Thursday that he would approach the court after the vacation to demand the cancellation of the contract awarded to IRB Infrastructure Development Ltd to manage the ORR. During a press conference at the party office, Rao questioned the ORR tenders. He stated that IRB Infrastructures had submitted a tender for Rs 7,272 crore, which had been increased to Rs 7,380 crore.

The BJP leader questioned why the tender was opened after ten days and why the information hadn’t been made kept in public domain for 15 days. He asked who gave such orders and who should answer the two questions. Rao claimed that the IRB and officials were ‘terrorizing’ the media by not answering these questions; they should change their attitude.

He revealed that the organisation had brutally murdered a person who filed an RTI against the company on the Pune Expressway issue.

Rao stated that Municipal Administration Minister KT Rama Rao, who responds to every other issue, was silent on this one. He recalled that on June 15, 2018, one toll gate user noted, “The toll personnel are giving manual receipts, should we accept this? Is the money coming to the government or going to a private party?” Rao responded to this within 16 minutes and asked officials to act swiftly and sack the personnel.

“The minister who responded within 16 minutes did not answer why Rs 7,272 crore had changed to Rs 7,380 crore. Why was the amount increased. There is no response; people have doubts on this,” said Raghunandan Rao asking why the government was giving relaxations to IRB. “When you are inviting international companies, why have you changed and manipulated so many clauses in tenders? This clearly shows there is something wrong,” he quipped.






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