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BJP swept under the carpet watching opposition joining hands after Rahul’s disqualification

Explaining the hypothetical situation out of the Rahul Gandhi episode, Shravan Garg, a renowned Journalist said, “Rahul is more dangerous in jail than in open for the government and this situation will arise if the Supreme Court declines to provide any relief to the congress baron while hearing the matter.”

While taking part in a debate over a news channel Today, Shravan Garg said, “After a period of 28 days, Rahul will be in jail if the SC turns down any appropriate order in his favour and this situation will lead to create a more volatile environment for the Modi government.

Mr.Garg dragged the attention towards the statement made by Rahul Gandhi after his disqualification from the membership from the Parliament wherein Congress chief was heard saying that he is fighting to safeguard the voice of the nation and ready to pay any price for the same. He said this declaration of Rahul is more epic and holds importance.

We don’t know what options remain open for the Congress and what are their next course of action at this point of time but Rahul still has 29-30 days in his hands to show his fight against the system. Subsequently, he may fight from jail which is more dangerous for the government then allowing him to do the same freely on the streets.

Reminding that Mamata Banerjee once said that PM Modi saw Rahul Gandhi as his biggest TRP, he said, as Rahul was about to go to jail in a few days, the battle ground is quite open for Mamata Banerjee, Akhelesh Yadav and the AAP.

“Now the question is what will the Congress party do now? Rahul has done his job and is preparing to go behind the bars. More important to see what the public, especially the supporters of Rahul Gandhi will do now who walked alongside the Congress chief  during his Bharat Jodo Yatra?  What will they do now, especially the people of Wayanad Constituency represented by Rahul and turned vacant after he was disqualified by the Lok Sabha Secretary,” he maintained.

“We have told earlier that the new Congress will emerge under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi soon and the situation has arised now,” he said adding that “It is interesting to see how the political situation will take a turn now.”

“Rahul Gandhi has turned into a dangerous political figure for the BJP Government. They saw Rahul as a serious threat to the foundation of Hindu Rashtra, the BJP determined to establish in the country. The saffron fold is more petrified now after the Surat High Court’s verdict. The BJP feared that the opposition party’s who were afraid of forging ties ahead of the Surat HC ruling are now joining their hands to fight together against the system. The whole political situation takes a 180 degree turn during the last 24 hours,” explained Shravan Garg.

The other participants who took part in the debate include Ambresh Kumar, Dr.Sunilam, Pradeep Shrivastav and Ajay Shukla.