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BJP’s devised undercover “Mission South” to gain numbers in Telangana

While the BRS party bracing-up for the upcoming elections in Telangana state with a wide range of programmes being announced by the Minister K.T. Rama Rao to pump support for the party, the BJP is trying too focus on parliamentary constituencies considered less fortune but have a scope to gain victory.

It is important to mention here that, the K.T.Rama Rao announced special teams for 33 districts in the state who can coordinate with the party ministers and and leaders in respective districts to ratchet-up the programmes meant to benefit people.

It was decided to introduce a wide range of programmes in the next three months  and the special teams will be thrust into the job to coordinate the party programmes at the field level. It is said that the proposed special teams will meet with local ministers and MLAs. KTR ordered special teams to hold meetings and discuss with them ways to implement plans.

Close on the heels of TRS, the BJP came-up with a plan called “Mission South” to secure seats in constituencies where the party has a chance to register victorie.

It is said that the saffron party has identified 160 parliamentary constituencies throughout the country where it had faced a debacle during the elections in 2019 and decided to focus on these segments. Besides, the party has constituted a three member committee consisting of Tarun Chug, Sunil Bansal and Vantaode.

Both the senior party advisors Tarun Chug and Sunil Bansal have a formative experience and had served as incharge for Telangana state in the past. Sunil Bansal had helped the party win the elections for two consecutive terms in Uttar Pradesh.

The saffron party fixed a target of winning 90-110 seats out of the total 160 segments being identified and according to strategy arrangements are being made to ensure visits and meetings of Prime Minister Modi and other key central ministers to secure victory in the above segments.

According to reports, the Union Home Minister Amit Shah has come up with a strategy called “Mission South” after meeting the top party leaders and strategists in New Delhi to focus on southern states that include Telangana, Kerala and Tamilnadu. However, no similar plan was announced for Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka where the party’s position is either weak or even worse.

According to senior BJP leaders, the saffron party has decided to pump public support through conducting vigorous campaigns using PM Modi and Amit Shah keeping their important role in winning the last assembly elections in mind.

Apart from party leaders and cadres, it is said that the BJP will rope-in its Hindu umbrella groups to ensure gain in all the 160 segments being identified as core focussed segments by the high command. It is said that the saffron party is trying to keep the ‘plan of action’ in concealment to keep the opposition party in the dark by the end of play.