Saturday, January 23, 2021
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#BoycottNetflix trends: As Telugu film ‘hurts Hindu sentiments’

Mumbai: Angry netizens have alleged that the new Telugu digital film, “Krishna And His Leela”, released on Netflix, hurts Hindu religious sentiments. The hashtag #BoycottNetflix has been trending on Twitter all of Monday, and Telugu superstar Rana Daggubati, who has presented the film, is also in the line of fire.

“A Telugu movie named ‘Krishna & His Leela’ has been released on #Netflix on 25th June where a protagonist named ‘Krishna’ is shown having many affairs, where 1 of his girlfriend has been named as ‘Radha’. Many sexually explicit scenes have been shown b/w them. #BoycottNetflix,” tweeted a user.

“@RanaDaggubati You should at least have a glimpse of that what you are producing!! What kind of impact it will have on people’s sentiments,, all that is happening in this entertainment industry is unbearable for people!! #BoycottNetflix #BoycottKrishnaAndHisLeela,” tweeted a user tagging.

“Netflix done it again, Web Series called “Krishna & His Leela” showing Krishna have sexual affairs with many women & one of them named Radha. The audacity to openly target #Hinduism with lies, deceit, propaganda. Why always insult our Gods?
Because @NetflixIndia is Hinduphobic,” tweeted another user.

“Rapes happening in our country. The total 30 % share goes to erotic web series available in the country. This time #netflix has crossed limits. They promote web series where Hindu gods and goddesses are insulted. #BoycottNetflix should not just be a trend. It should be banned by Court,” demanded another user.

Over the past few days, netizens have also been enraged over the subtitles used for the Bengali folk song, “Kolonkini Radha”, used in the Netflix-released film, “Bulbbul”. People are complaining about the lines “Kanha haramzada” in the song and over a translated subtitle that goes “shameless hussy” while referring to Radha in the song, while demanding #BoycottNetflix.