Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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BRS avoid further conflict with Gov. over selecting MLC candidates

Amid the political drama over the Enforcement Directorate (ED) summoning the BRS MLC K.Kavitha in Delhi Liquor Scam for questioning, the BRS party appeared maintaining extreme caution in finalizing the two names for MLC seats under governor quota and, if the political experts to be believe, the move is to avoid further conflict with the centre.

According to political observers, the government is trying to avoid disagreement with the governor Dr.Tamil Sai Soundarya Rajan while selecting the names for MLC seats. Instead of taking a risk while finding new faces for MLC seats under governor quota, the government is reportedly thinking of extending the terms of the sitting MLCs such as Mohammed Farooq Hussain and Rajeshwar Rao.

It is believed that the chances of upsetting the governor will be less in sending the same names with extension of terms for both the MLC posts as she could find a way to raise any objection based on the political link of both the MLCs.

According to reports, the governor has raised an objection over recommending Koushik Reddy’s name for one of the MLC posts and declined to approve the same. In such a situation, it is believed that the government may send the same to names of sitting MLCs selected earlier under governor quota with a request for extension of their terms so as to avoid disagreement with Dr. Soundarya Rajan.

Political observers are on the view that the issue will be dragged further if the government continue to send the names of other leaders for MLC seats under governor quota as was witnessed earlier when it was suggested the name of Koushik Reddy but forced to rescind it after the objection was raised and simply replacing him with renowned poet and intellectual G.Venkaiah.

It is against this background, it is learnt that the government is seriously considering extension of terms of both the existing MLCs under governor quota instead of taking a risk of placing fresh faces for approval much to the chagrin of the governor.

However, if all goes in vain and no such move works well, then the government anyhow has to place fresh names that may not offend the governor as there is a chance of declining even the extension of terms for both the sitting MLCs on the bases of their links with the BRS party.