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BRS Faces Electoral Challenges in Bid for Hat-Trick Victory

As the polling date approaches, the ruling BRS party is optimistic about securing a hat-trick victory. BRS President and Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is instilling confidence in BRS candidates through an extensive campaign across the state. The fate of achieving a hat-trick victory for the BRS hinges on the performance of its candidates.

In the previous two Assembly elections, the BRS secured 49 out of 119 seats. Some MLAs in these constituencies won consecutively, but retaining these seats poses a considerable challenge. Several BRS MLAs, including ministers, are facing tough competition in these 49 seats.

Out of the 17 BRS Ministers, at least six are encountering formidable opponents. The challenges come from both the Congress and the BJP. Additionally, BRS MLAs are facing tough battles against candidates from both the Congress and the BJP. The electoral success of certain BRS candidates relies heavily on the popularity of KCR. In some constituencies, despite skepticism about BRS candidates, voters express confidence in KCR.

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Meanwhile, there are 22 Assembly seats where the BRS could not secure victories in the last two elections. Some MLAs who previously won as Congress candidates have now joined the BRS and are contesting under its banner. Of these 22 seats, the BRS may have a chance of winning around five, but this might not compensate for losses in previous elections.

A favorable aspect of the BRS is the BJP gaining traction in some constituencies. If the BJP strengthens, it could draw some Congress votes, potentially benefiting the BRS. However, if the BJP becomes too dominant, the BRS may face challenges. The BJP is putting up a strong fight against three to four BRS Ministers, anticipating victory in these seats.

The Congress is expressing confidence in returning to power this time, framing the election as a ‘now or never’ moment that will determine its fate in Telangana. The political landscape is dynamic, with various factors influencing the prospects of each party in the upcoming election.

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