Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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BRS Strengthens Position in Telangana Assembly Election

As the Telangana Assembly election draws near, the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) appears to be strengthening its position according to the latest voter perception survey. The ruling party has garnered a 42 percent winning perception among voters, outpacing the Congress at 32 percent, with the BJP trailing at 10 percent. A mere nine percent of voters expect a “hung” Assembly result, while seven percent remain uncertain about the election’s outcome.

This upswing in the BRS’s perception is credited to a two percent gain following the release of the party’s manifesto, which has resonated positively with the electorate. Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao’s public meetings and his vocal criticism of the Congress have further bolstered the party’s popularity.

On the other hand, the Congress’s prospects have taken a hit due to disappointment within the party’s ranks over ticket allocations. Although Rahul Gandhi’s Bus Yatra has energized the party’s cadre, it has not drawn significant crowds.

Surprisingly, the category of “hung” Assembly believers has also seen a two percent increase. Voters increasingly perceive that both the Congress and the BJP will present a robust challenge to the BRS in the upcoming elections. Consequently, neutral voters have decreased by two percent, with many now showing a preference for the BRS, largely influenced by the party’s recently released manifesto.

The survey delves into the BRS’s Election Manifesto, with 67 percent of voters viewing its promises as good policies, strategically countering the Congress’s “Six Guarantees.” Among this group, 61 percent believe the BRS Manifesto will influence their voting decision in the upcoming Assembly Elections, and 44 percent think these promises could secure a third term for the BRS.

However, 19 percent of voters remain uncertain if these promises will be fulfilled if the BRS returns to power, and 16 percent express concerns that beneficiaries of the BRS government may not show gratitude and withhold their support. A significant 29 percent see the BRS Manifesto as promising but lacking in addressing critical youth-centric issues for the election. Meanwhile, 24 percent of voters view the BRS Manifesto as an extension of existing successful policies, without introducing anything new.