Monday, June 1, 2020
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Budget session most productive since 1952: LS Speaker

Panaji: The budget session of Parliament from July to August this year, was the most productive session since 1952, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla said here on Friday.

Birla, who was in Goa to address lawmakers in the coastal state on the ‘Role of Parliament in the Doctrine of Separation of Powers: Enhancing Transparency and Accountability’, also said, the fact that despite disagreements political parties across the board rise in one voice when it comes to issues of national interest and this boded well for a democracy.

“Since 1952, the maximum number of legislations were passed in this year. Most of these were passed unanimously and there was fair discussion, agreements and disagreements. As a result of which, the faith of the people of India in Parliament has increased. I urge that every state Assembly, should look to increase the people’s faith in the House,” Birla said.

“I have made efforts to ensure that the democratic values of Parliament, which is the biggest temple of democracy having representatives of 130 crore citizens, are strengthened. That there is constructive debate and discussion in Parliament, that people should have a good opinion about the Parliament. Because of this, after 37 days of functioning of Parliament (during the budget session), the proceedings were not interrupted even for an hour,” Birla said.

“Despite agreements and disagreements, when it comes to the issues concerning the country, one should rise above politics and the entire House stands for the country. This I have witnessed as a Speaker. This is a sign of a good democracy,” the Lok Sabha Speaker also said.