Friday, August 19, 2022
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‘Bulli Bai’ bugs may have upset with Shaheen Bagh success: Dr.Puniyani  

Lambasting the ‘Bulli Bai App’ incident targeting Muslim women, the renowned historian Dr.Ram Puniyani said, “The roots of ‘Bulli Bai’ incident can be traced from the trash of Hindutva ideology that propagates the use of Muslims women as a tool to settle scores during conflicts and riots with Muslims in order to inflict a wound of humiliation on the entire community.”

While arguing the issue on his YouTube Channel, he said, “It is the morbid mentality of V.D.Savarkar – the father of Hindutva ideology, who believes that the Muslim women should be treated as spoils of war during rampages against the Muslim community, and the same was mentioned in his biography penned by writer Dhananjay Keer and published in the year 1966 by Popular Prakashan.”

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Recalling the Mumbai and Gujarat communal violence wherein Hindu women were found supporting their male counterparts play with the modesty of Muslim girls and women only to humiliate the entire community, he said, “While the Hindu women in Mumbai took part in the riots along with the male perpetrators, this loathsome act moved a step further during Gujarat riots wherein fetus of women were sliced off from their body. The sole intention behind traumatizing the pregnant Muslim women was to cull the population of the community.”

While the incident comes as a profound humiliation for Muslim women, he said, it also shows how great extent the communalism permeates in the present society. According to Dr.Puniyani, “The young generation, inspired by communalism is resorting to such loathsome acts under the influence of hate-mongering. As the communal forces are ruling the country, these youngsters are fully satisfied that they will easily escape the law by beating the rap. This tendency among the hate-induced minds is actually igniting the situation.”

“It appears that the loathsome episode of ‘Bulli Bai’ is orchestrated as a vengeance to settle score with Muslim women who shows their mettle through the movement at Shaheen Bagh against the introduction of draconian laws like NRC, NPR, and CAA by the government. This movement marked into the history as the Muslim women, with their unflinching dedication, shook the country and gave a clarion call against communalizing the democratic framework of the nation,” he contended.

“It is the need of the hour to fight hate-mongering and communalism against the religious minorities in the country that is infecting the minds of the young generation who are now taking no second thought before involving in such a loathsome act,” suggested Dr.Puniyani before concluding his argument.